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We love to travel. If you are reading this, you love it too. The world should be shared freely. It is only human to be curious and want to explore everywhere you can. We are inquisitive by nature.

"They" say it is too hot and busy to travel to Europe in the summer. True, it was hot and congested. But everyone who had traveled there had done so for the same reason we had. With that common demoninator in mind, I cannot remember any unpleasant encounters (expect the loud mouthed American who chose to scream across the Coliseum as if anyone was interest in his obnoxious behavior). On the one hand we wanted to tell our fellow American to "shut up" and on the other hand, we just made more of an effort not to resemble his behavior.

As far as weather is concerned, we traveled from one extreme to the other. The near 100 degree temperatures of Rome and Paris to the freezing cold and rain of Edinburgh, Liverpool and Bath. Advise for those traveling for three plus weeks through varying climates: know where your nearest laundrymat is. Even though we thought we did well, we know we can do it better next time. witht he annual Military Tatoo in full swing in Edinburgh, you would have never thought the cold and rain were an issue. Edinburgh was packed curb to curb the entire length of the Royal Mile in spite of the rain. Surprisingly enough, our Lovely London was perfect. A little chilly with the odd shower, but all and all, cooler than other August visits we have made.

One thing we know for sure and feel the need to pass on is always check the travel warnings issued by the State Department. This and other informational sites can be found on our website www.travelsuitsyou.com. We started this site after our third trip to Europe because we alwaqys do so much research before we travel and decided, maybe we could make it easier for others to get the information we searched and searched for.

We are not a travel agents, though we can recommend one of the best in the business. We love to travel and it is that love of travel that has inspired us to hit the high points, offer suggestions and tips for trips, recommend tours and offer travel products to make your traveling easier. Visit us for more.

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